Orchard 1.2 Released - Bug Fixes and Improved Performance

Orchard 1.2 has been released! Orchard CMS 1.2 is an incremental update with a few bug fixes and new features and a lot of focus on improving the performance of Orchard! If you are running Orchard 1.0 or Orchard 1.1 you will want to upgrade your website to Orchard 1.2 for the performance improvements alone!

Orchard 1.2 Released - Huge Performance Improvements

Orchard 1.2 Performance Improvements

Orchard Developers can look though the commit comments of the Orchard Repository to get a sense that Orchard 1.2 had a lot of focus on improving the performance of the content management system. Performance remarks are common in most of the commit messages:

  • - PERF: Collect extension modification dates in parallel. Lots of file I/O, runs faster in parallel.
  • - PERF: Build shape table in parallel. We have lots of file I/O to scan directories for templates, so it was a good candidate to run in parallel.
  • - PERF: Revert previous change. Using file system directly is 4x times faster.
  • - Load features in parallel.
  • - Load references of dependencies in parallel.
  • - PERF: Extension loader probing performed in parallel
  • - Run extension harvesting code in parallel task
  • - PERF: Don't look for themes in "~/Core". It's not supported, hence it's unecessary disk I/O.
  • - PERF: Move async token monitoring to a service interface Update UT
  • - PERF: Re-use cached filehash for dynamic module hash Before recompiling a dynamic module (.csproj)
  • - PERF: During startup, re-use the retrieve file modification dates
  • - and more....

Just running the Orchard CMS 1.2 Setup and doing common administrative tasks shows a noticeable snappier Orchard!

In Orchard 1.2 the Warmup Module is now built directly into Orchard 1.2, Orchard 1.2 Performance Settings - Warmup Module Goes Native, which again demonstrates the focus on performance in Orchard 1.2.

Orchard 1.2 New Features

A couple of new features in Orchard 1.2 include

  • - Debugger visualizers for shapes (in full trust)
  • - Creation date is now used everywhere and can be made editable

We haven't dug into these new features yet, but one can assume debugger visualizers will be useful for Orchard Module and Theme Developers and editable creation dates will be useful for those that wish to change the creation dates on blog posts, etc. We'll talk more about that later.


Orchard 1.2 is perfect for those Orchard Website Owners wanting a bit more performance out of their Orchard CMS Websites. Again, Orchard 1.2 is noticeably faster at startup and performing common administrative tasks that Orchard Website Owners will want to upgrade their existing Orchard 1.0 and Orchard 1.1 websites to Orchard 1.2.

If you need help upgrading your Orchard 1.0 or 1.1 website to Orchard 1.2, contact us!

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